The Impact of the Company Announcement on Your Business

A Company Announcement is a company-wide message meant for all employees sent through MyEKC. Employees receive a notification via email and can view the announcement on their MyEKC homepage. An employee can individually respond to the sender to provide feedback. And soon, with our next upgrade, you will also be able to see which employees viewed the announcement. A MyEKC Company Announcement goes beyond the memo, email, or meeting: it articulates a message in a lasting, secure and accessible method to each and every employee. Imagine a business where your people understand your vision, know what’s going on in the company, embrace your culture, and work by your principals, rules and ethics. The Company Announcement can help take your there. Joe Cerino introduced MyEKC to his employees using the Company Announcement and then continued to use announcements to stress the progress, the importance and the power of MyEKC in his business. Here are some announcement titles regarding MyEKC’s impact on his company sent out over the last three years:

  • We Must Embrace MyEKC and Here Is Why
  • MyEKC Updates and Critical Next Steps
  • Staying With MyEKC is Paying Dividends
  • MyEKC Means Attention to Details
  • Institutionalizing Your Great Ideas Using MyEKC
  • How Cross Training will Make Us Stronger

ARE YOU CREATING COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENTS? Learning how to drive your business, your vision and your culture through the Company Announcement can be very powerful.

  • Communicate your vision of the future (the big picture) to get everyone “rowing” in the same direction.
  • Share news about business opportunities and growth to foster a winning attitude.
  • Promote your culture to develop a team that works together.
  • Announce company policies and organizational changes to establish more clarity.

The MyEKC Company Announcement feature is easy to learn and, like every MyEKC feature, has a video and documented “how to” versions built right into the application. Under the EKC Administrative tab, select the How To Use Corporate EKC page. there you can scroll to learn how to create, edit or delete Company Announcements. Remember, only Admin Users in MyEKC can create or edit announcements.