MyEKC is Your Leadership Tool

Joe Cerino

Visionary of MyEKC
President of HAR Adhesive Technologies
Cleveland, Ohio

To the entrepreneurs and leaders of a business… I would expect most of you share my desire to achieve a fulfilling business-life connection.  I wish you a rewarding and personally satisfying future and I hope you find the story of my journey to be as motivating as it is encouraging.

I have always been a consummate learner and realize “there are some things you know you do not know.” Just before I bought my first business, I was given a copy of The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. I quickly understood the necessity to gradually transition my role from “technician” to “manager” to “entrepreneur” in order to create a business that would free me to live my life. However, it was not until a meeting I had with Michael Gerber several years later that I learned the importance of effective communication and the true meaning of leadership. I learned that every person in my business needed to clearly understand my vision and needed to buy into my vision in order to create an organization “where everyone is rowing in the same direction.” This was my eureka moment!

Immediately we began the transformation to become a “System Driven Business.” A business where every system would not only be documented, but would include why the system was so important to our success and what a satisfactory result for each system would look like. A business where our culture and company vision would be clearly communicated and thread into each and every system. A business where every employee would understand and buy into why their role was so vital to our success, adding a level of accountability linked to their systems and job performance agreements.

The business surged. It all seemed to be coming together; the vision, the culture and the documented systems, job performance agreements and an employee handbook of all company policies. All in binders for every employee!

However, as we grew in number of employees, set up a second location in another state, and with sales representatives scattered throughout the country, it became all too apparent that our process to document, communicate and manage our business by filling binders with information was becoming unwieldy and less and less effective.

Never one to give up, I knew that technology was the solution. We needed a user-friendly tool that was easily accessible to all employees.  A tool that facilitated more efficient and effective communication, documentation, understanding and accountability.  A tool that would allow me to take my business to the next level and beyond.  From this vision MyEKC - an employee knowledge center - was born.

MyEKC was developed with simplicity of use in mind. I can tell you firsthand that documenting your business and sharing your vision and culture can be difficult. All the reason more, why an application tool to manage the process should be user-friendly and accessible to every employee, no matter where they are located.

MyEKC was also build to be extremely functional and adaptable to any type of business. Through MyEKC, I know that each employee understands and buys into what is required of them to productively perform their work and why that work is essential to our success.

Being a pragmatist, I recognize that my connection to my business cannot last forever. I also know that that there are several paths a business owner can take. Regardless of the path I take, the effort to create a system-driven and well documented business is rewarding and extremely valuable. Through this process I have evolved from the guy doing it (a technician), to the guy telling people what to do (a manager), to the guy that can generally be free from most day-to-day worries and can often be free to live his life in ways he had always dreamed  (a happy and satisfied entrepreneur). This has made my business very functional, easier to transition and proportionally more valuable.

MyEKC is a tool. A tool that documents and shares what is important and necessary to the success of your business. To those of you just beginning, to those somewhere in the middle, and to those recognizing that a life changing transition may be in your not too distant future, I hope that MyEKC is the tool you have been looking for to help you gain better control of your business and your life.