MyEKC is Your Path to Freedom

MyEKC is a cloud-based application that facilitates your desire to clearly communicate your vision, establish accountability and create an extraordinary company.

Create a systems-driven business with clarity, purpose and the freedom to live your life. 

Watch the video to find out how.


Clearly define and communicate your organizational structure and individual responsibilities. Achieve buy-in. Create a culture of accountability.

Effectively communicate your policies and standards. Link your systems to specific individuals. Attain employee buy-in. Achieve consistently repeatable results.

Increase your productivity. Reduce the cost of mistakes. Focus on your growth. Enhance the value of your business. Achieve personal and financial freedom.


A business where every system is documented, trained, and accepted by those responsible for operating them.


A business where your culture and company vision would be clearly communicated and thread into each and every system.


Customized to every user so systems they operate, tasks assigned and communicated provides clarity and purpose.

 “We needed a change that was able to manage the complexity of our growing company in two locations. MyEKC has been an essential tool that has effectively managed all of our processes to help us define responsibilities and know how best to run this company. Now all our employees know exactly how to do their jobs more effectively than ever before.”