Features you want to have for the freedom you deserve.

Imagine your company operating efficiently, reliably and profitably every day so you can focus on your Vision, not the day-to-day.


MyEKC is a cloud-based SaaS application to maintain and train all company operations and business practices in one secure location. 


Each employee has their own dashboard to review and accept processes, performance agreements, company policies and tasks.


MyEKC becomes your own application to customize user access levels and field definitions that fit your company. 


Manage the entire company with one application including your processes, tasks, and Employee Handbook priced to fit the size of your company.


Automate communication of company announcements, direct report requests, employee acceptances and inquiries. Received via email and SMS and in MyEKC.


Every MyEKC application has a unique URL with SSL certficate that allows only the users you assign to have access to only the information you want.


What is MyEKC?

MyEKC is a software-as-a-service, cloud-based application to manage and maintain all company operations and policies within one platform with each employee having their own login and access level.

Who is MyEKC for?

MyEKC is recommended for small businesses and organizations with at least two employees and up to 100 employees.

How is MyEKC priced?

MyEKC is priced as a subscription, either paid monthly or annually based on grouped number of users: up to 10; 11-25; 26-50; 51-100, plus a custom option for more than 100 users. Because of the robustness of MyEKC, there is a fee of $500 for three hours of live virtual workshop. 

How are subscriptions managed?

A customer has complete control over their subscription to MyEKC and can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time with no additional charges. If a customer decides to cancel, we do recommend saving all your documentation locally so that information is not lost. Once unsubscribed, that information can no longer be accessible.

How is my company information secure?

MyEKC keeps your company safe in multiple ways: using a digital certificate (SSL) that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection; built-in user access levels; and built-in cloud security architecture and deployment at every level.

What support does MyEKC offer?

In addition to the 3 hours of the live virtual workshop, there are easy-to-follow tutorials on how to use the application. Subscribers can reach MyEKC support at [email protected]. Plus, additional paid support options can be arranged.

What happens after I subscribe?

You will be directed to a Get Started page that provides easy steps to follow to get your MyEKC set up as well as a form to fill out to schedule your live virtual workshop. Once the application is created, (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) you will receive an email with your company's unique URL site address and a temporary username and password. It is recommended to bookmark the Get Started page and your company's MyEKC website address and save the email for easy reference.

What happens if I forget my username and/or password?

At the login screen, select the "forgot password" from the "Help" dropdown menu. If you forgot your username, enter your tenant name; for example "acme" if your MyEKC URL is acme.myekc.net. If you still have trouble logging in, please contact us at [email protected].

What happens if MyEKC is down?

 MyEKC is set up to be accessible at all times at a rate of 99.99% reliability. In the very rare instance MyEKC may become briefly inaccessible, we will notify you as soon as possible.