MyEKC Value Proposition


Does your business leave you time and energy for the life you want to live? 

  • Take a vacation without worrying about your business.
  • Work less hours at work and at home.
  • Know you can step away from work at any time without worry.
  • Run a business you own, not a business that owns you.


How much does your business rely on your daily involvement to achieve the level of success you expect?

  • Employees understand what is expected and get it done.
  • There are documented processes that create accurate, repeatable results.
  • Employees execute using those processes not by daily instructions or your involvement.
  • There is less ambiguity, fewer emergencies, and complete predictability.
  • Time to work on your business not just in your business.


Does it feel like everyone in your business shares the same vision and a unified culture?

  • You have an aligned team that works together toward a common cause.
  • Employees feel appreciated, valued and successful. 
  • Your employee retention rate is high.
  • People want to join your business and be part of the team.
  • You have a business that employees, customers and vendors respect and


Does your business produce intentionally repeatable and quality results based on clearly documented and followed systems and policies?

  • Mistakes are rare but when they occur you can quickly institutionalize corrective action so they do not happen again.
  • Your quality is high, your productivity is high and your problems are few.
  • Your employees are empowered and encouraged to promote innovations.
  • You create a culture of extraordinary repeatable results.
  • You have a prototype for your next product line, location or facility because the template is already in place!


Are your satisfied with your business profitability and growth and your personal goals and expectations?

  • There is a tremendous sense of freedom knowing your business is operating every day exactly according to your vision. 
  • Your customers are happy and your salespeople are excited to sell.
  • Your customer retention rate is higher.
  • You regularly hit your growth and profitability targets with less effort.  
  • Your cash flow is excellent and your credit rating is A+.
  • You have the financial freedom and extra time to accomplish and enjoy your personal goals.


A business where every process is documented, trained, and accepted by those responsible for operating them.


A business where our culture and company vision would be clearly communicated and thread into each and every process.


Customized to every user so the processes they operate provide clarity and purpose.