The Franchise Prototype: Creating a Business You Can Replicate

Imagine starting your next business, branch, product line, location or facility with all you have created, already in place!

You have created a business that works - 

  • A business with a functioning organization structure. 
  • A business with system processes in place that produce repeatable results. 
  • A business that creates loyal customers.
  • A business that grows seamlessly, with few headaches or hassles.

That took a lot of work! But you are being rewarded daily -

  • By growing sales and profits 
  • By satisfied customers that come back
  • By a team that supports your vision

Through MyEKC, you have created your “Franchise Prototype.” With MyEKC you can easily replicate your business. From creating the new organizational structure, to creating new positions and groups and then linking or editing your existing system processes to those new positions and groups. What took you months can know be done in hours… replicating a business that works!