Trouble Moving Forward?

The MyEKC survey ( is generally step one in the MyEKC journey for most of our clients.  What was your relationship to your business before you took the survey and embarked on your MyEKC journey?

Were you too often found… 

  • Cleaning or organizing your office or facility
  • Printing shipping labels, or
  • Handling customer issues and problems?

Maybe you felt really good about the fact that you were always busy…

  • Selling your product,
  • Taking your customer orders, or
  • Producing or delivering your product or service.

Or maybe your team would come to when they did not know…

  • What to do,
  • When to do it, or
  • How to do it.

If your work life experience has changed very little since beginning on “Your MyEKC Path to Freedom,” then you may actually be just be spinning your wheels and really going nowhere.  So what may be holding you back?  

Your reasons can come from either extreme or somewhere in the middle:  

  • From, “This is common sense and they should know how to do it” 
  • To, “When I get it all documented, I will share it”
  • To, “it’s very complicated and it takes a lot of time to document”

It is up to you, the Head of your company, to lead from the front.  To embrace the clear and effective communication of your business.  Not simply by assigning the task to someone else and then going back to working in your business. If you really want to experience positive change in your business and your life you must be committed and willing to find the time to Work on your business too. Some of you may be finding:

“I really don’t have the time!” while others may be thinking, “I am too valuable to be writing, reading or even talking about processes.”

Few doubt the benefits of effective documentation and effective communication in their business.  You would not be a MyEKC client if you did not believe it!  Few doubt the benefits of employee empowerment and effective management through processes.  We have learned, for some of our clients, the “Path to Freedom Sessions” were the springboard they needed to begin to make positive changes in their business and their lives.   Yet, for countless reasons, we realize many other clients need more support.  

That is why we developed, introduced and have begun offering “MyEKC Proven Process.” The Proven Process is meant to jump start the implementation of MyEKC by helping our clients document the 20% of their processes that represent 80% of their operation.  

Remember, when it comes to implementing your vision through processes, you must be willing to lead from the front.  And if you feel you need some additional support, we welcome you to ask us about our MyEKC Proven Process.