Imagine Your Company’s Future

Visualize going to work in the not-so-distant future and…

• The team has been effectively trained to operate your system-driven business.
• You find a business where every individual is doing exactly what is expected.
• The team believes in your vision and values for the company.
• You have a business with clearly documented systems that the team takes full responsibility to operate.

MyEKC is the tool to facilitate this dream. It takes the head of a company to be committed to own this transformation and is determined to build a team that embraces being a system-driven business.  It requires discipline to set realistic expectations and goals built around a plan and a commitment by the business leaders and the entire team to achieve those goals. 

Each system that has been documented, trained and accepted by a member of your team, brings your business one step closer to the vision and becomes its own reflection of your business of the future.  Remember, even doing just one at a time is very achievable and significant.


One of our clients shared that he is having a difficult time getting his people to document their systems and meet his deadlines. This is a company that has been in business for several years and, quite frankly, MyEKC is perceived as a big change.  

It can take time and patience to get your employees to catch up with you about the importance of creating a system-driven business.  Remember, this is your vision and it helps to clearly and enthusiastically explain how you see the future of the business to your team, explain what needs changed or innovated to get there, and then introduce MyEKC as your vehicle to reach this goal. 

It’s important to have a concrete and attainable plan in place so your team knows what is expected and how to get there. While the day-to-day operations often consume everyone, continue to emphasize the importance of meeting the deadlines outlined in your plan and how it is important to stay focused in order for your company to progress. As systems are documented, trained and accepted, communicate those victories with your team to keep them informed and motivated. Simply put, thread and reinforce this culture with every opportunity! The Company Announcement feature in MyEKC is a great tool to do all that.  And slowly yet steadily, your company will progress towards your vision of the future.