How to Build a Culture that Your Team will Love

I recently had a conversation with Dave, one of our clients, and that got me digging into my stack of Inc. Magazines…In June of 2016, Inc. Magazine devoted an entire issue to Culture and Team Building.  In the issue it reported the following:

  • “Engaged employees grow profits 3 times faster than disengaged employees."
  • “Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave a company."
  • “An unengaged worker costs the company $3,400 for every $10,000 spent."

As the Head of Company, what could possibly be more important that focusing on growing profits, improving employee retention and increasing employee return on wages invested? Yet, Inc. Magazine also reported in this issue that 70% of CEOs delegate culture and employee engagement to their Human Resources department with little or no involvement. These CEOs also admit that increasing their role in culture and employee engagement is a goal. So what led me to this particular magazine issue...I was sharing with Dave how we resolved a recent problem at my company by tweaking three different systems. Having these processes clearly documented and readily available made coming to the solutions rather simple and MyEKC made the communication the changes easy and effective. I learned during this conversation that as Dave has begun utilizing MyEKC, he has begun seeing results that seem to correspond with Inc. Magazine findings. Since beginning to implement and effectively communicate systems that include the intended results, considerations and the action steps, Dave shared with me that…

  • He feels he is getting about one more hour of production per employee per day. That is a 12.5% productivity improvement.
  • Scrap and error rates are way down.
  • He no longer has to be on the shop floor to ensure a quality product will be produced.
  • He is going out of town making sales calls with no effect on productivity.
  • He is retaining his people and they are becoming valued employees.

Lastly, I’d like to mention a beautifully written article in the same June edition which highlighted research that indicates “employees are truly more important than clients – workers who feel cared for are the key to creating a business that can quickly grow.” MyEKC is becoming a proven tool to providing your team more effective communication, thereby creating employees that are more engaged and more productive and happier.

- Joe Cerino, HAR Adhesive Technologies and co-owner of Employee Knowledge Center, LLC