Get “Smart”

A company identified with a “smart” culture defines a business that   intentionally sets out to bolster productivity and enhance job satisfaction.  These companies have proven to lead the way to engaged employees, higher effectiveness and, ultimately, a better bottom line.   Companies with “smart” cultures deliver advanced productivity that outshines   their competitors.  

Last week, many area businesses received accolades and awards at northeast Ohio’s Smart Culture Conference for creating an effective culture that fosters active employee engagement. These companies were recognized for their great company culture. 

By now you know that without a clear and communicated company   vision, your team may not understand the “why” of your business and may lack   dedication and motivation. Without documented policies and practices in   place, your team may not feel secure in their job or even feel valued.   Without documented systems or processes in place, your team may not clearly know   what to do or how to do it; they are less likely to produce effective results   and are more likely to make mistakes. And without adequate systems or   processes in place that address culture and values, your team may not even be   able to work as a team. If there is not constant and consistent communication   and transparency, your team may not ever really feel like a unified “team.” 

The smartest and most high performing cultures have clearly understood and communicated systems in place that include accountability.   MyEKC is the practical, no nonsense tool that does just that. As you begin to   integrate MyEKC in your business, you may notice your employees becoming more   involved in innovating current processes and have a better understanding not   only of how to do things but why they are important to the company’s success.   You may notice your employees are becoming more engaged and more like a   “team.” You may notice that they have a better understanding of their value   and take ownership of—and pride in—their work. Soon enough, your business   will have a competitive advantage. Simply put, a willingness and commitment   to building a smart culture translates to business success and bottom-line   results. 

Is your company getting “smart”  through MyEKC? If so, now that’s something to celebrate!