Because It All Matters

When all of the reasons not to do something are taken away the only option is progress. If there is anything we have learned over the past year, it has been the importance of staying focused like a laser on even the most minute details of this technology. We have learned it all matters. Our mission remains providing the best imaginable for tool for communicating your vision. Your successes are our inspiration.

SYSTEMS MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE. Here’s an email the MyEKC Team received from Pete H. on March 25:

I just wanted to share a personal experience before the weekend. Yesterday, I had a team building event in Lexington, KY for a group of 30. At the beginning of this week, I began to prep for the event, so I logged onto MyEKC and pulled up two processes specifically pertaining to this team building program. Using the prep process and execution process, I was able to prepare for the event step by step so nothing fell through the cracks. This is the third straight event I have gotten a huge benefit from referring to the MyEKC processes to set my events up for success. I admittedly haven’t used MyEKC even close to its full potential, but having those processes fleshed out and available with a few keystrokes has dramatically improved my preparation and reduced prep time for my team building events.Just wanted to share that personal experience with you all. It was really nice and much less stressful to have MyEKC processes for my programs so I don’t have to rely on the top of my head to make sure I’m well prepared.