Accountability & Your Responsibility

Accountability is the lynchpin that Holds it all Together. The Responsibility begins and ends with the Head of the Company. Implementing a system-driven business has been life changing for me as a business owner and has, no doubt, had a tremendously positive impact on my company. Having the fortunate experience to be able to travel extensively for the past ten years, I usually take ten to thirteen weeks of vacation each year and regularly take every Friday off. Yet, as long as I am the head of my company, I remain accountable to each and every employee and to the business. For me, this means:

• I am very intentional to make sure that I always get back to my people when I say I will!• I am very intentional to make sure that I always immediately respond to an employee’s request.Sometimes this can mean working on that Friday or even on a Saturday and Sunday. On that rare occasion, I do it because I know it is important and I know that people are counting on me. • If you are expecting your employees to take their promises to you seriously, you must take your promises to them seriously!So what exactly does this have to do with your MyEKC implementation? Well, for example, you asked an employee to work on a system process. They finished it for you on time and are actually excited. And now they are waiting for your feedback. Immediate and meaningful feedback will tell them that this is very important. Late or no feedback sends a totally different message and you are leaving up to them to think….• This work was really was not that important after all. • Maybe I am really not that important.• The head of company really does not care.• I care, the head of company should care, and this is frustrating!Accountability is the lynchpin that holds it all together. The responsibility begins and ends with the head of the company.– Joe Cerino, HAR Adhesive Technologies and co-owner of Employee Knowledge Center, LLC